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​"I want to Thank you so much for providing me with great service with building my web site , business cards, flyers and not to mention the LOGO. I mean everything was so convenient within a timely manner. You kept me updated with time frames. You provide phenomenal service. Thank You. Please check out my website and learn more- www.riderscreditrepairservices.com".


"Huge, huge, HUGE shout out to my web designer, Ed Ramirez for putting the finishing touches on my website!! He worked around the clock this weekend and dealt with all my changes and "add this, take that out" moments. Thank you for hookin' ya girl up, much appreciated. Visit the website and check out my gallery and movie reviews - www.iammsnikki.com".


"I am thankful for the work RamWeb (Ed Ramirez) Design has done with my business website, DeonQ.  His work has received rave reviews from my friends with their own businesses, opening up the door for him to do business with them.  His quick response to my updates help me to keep my audience in the know.  The look and flow of my site meets my needs and the grabs the attention my audience.  I look forward to a continued positive working experience with RamWeb Design. Feel free to visit my website, www.deonq.com and subscribe to my newsletter, visit the schedule page for my upcoming events or view my gallery".  

-  DEON Q.

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